Garden Time

I have been struggling with ideas for the February show. I love landscapes but want to keep expanding my horizons.
The Big Guy suggested doing something to celebrate Spring, which won’t be far away when the show kicks off. Saturday, the first of the seed catalogs arrived, and I decided that would be a good idea.
I had to skip gardening a bit last year because of a broken foot that makes walking on uneven ground treacherous on the best of days. 
With the appearance of the first seed catalog and the move of my studio from the back room of our house to a chilly attic overlooking the garden, however I know I’m going to have to find a way to get out there and get dirty.
This doodle won’t make it into the show, but it did get me in the mood to start painting gardens and flowers. I think I’m going to be happy with the decision now that winter has finally decided to make a belated entrance.

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