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Merry Windows


Often when I’m driving around our sleepy town of 300+/- looking for something to paint, I’m struck the number of widows I see going about their chores, feeding livestock, fixing fences, and holding down the fort — often for decades after their husbands have passed away.

I don’t like to think of life without the Big Guy, but a few years ago he was laid up in the ICU for a week and that became a distinct probability.  For a few days I wasn’t sure if he would be life-flighted to a larger hospital or would he even survive the flight.

I was scared. There was the emotional prospect of losing the one person who is able to put up with me for more than 24 hours a day, but there was also the fear that I wasn’t capable of  managing life and parenting Thing1 by myself.

Thankfully the local hospital was able to treat him, and, after ten days of tears and crossing my fingers until they ached, the Big Guy came home, but I made up my mind that week that if disaster ever hit again, I was going to be ready to do more than just cross my fingers.

I’ve made job and attitude adjustments since then to try and keep my promise, but watching these other women tackle homesteading gives me courage.

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