Happy Thanksgiving

When he says the Thanksgiving meal blessing, my father always prays that we remember the many who are living without peace or plenty or even barely enough.  We couldn’t be with him or my mother this year.  However , as I sat snuggling on the couch with Thing2 after our Thanksgiving feast, feeling utterly at peace, I thought I heard his prayer.  

It would take an entire blog to list all the things my family and I have to be thankful for — each other, friends, time to acknowledge the good in our lives. I’m even thankful for my worries because they are reminders — like Thing2’s small hand in mine — of how full my life is these days.

As we snuggled watching the football game, I kissed the back of Thing2’s head and prayed with my mom and dad for that same peace and plenty or at least enough for the rest of the world.  

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