Good Year for Deer

Good Year for Deer, Watercolor 9x12
Good Year for Deer, Watercolor

I was looking for something to paint this morning and headed down a road I once associated with uninterrupted mountain views.  Some Mc-Mansions have begun popping up there, and I was about to give up when the phone rang and I pulled over by a woodlot at the edge of an empty corn field.

I chatted with the mechanic and looked around at the frosty field and foliage, noticing a small pile of apples at the edge of the wood. It’s been a good year for apples, but I didn’t see any apple trees.

I know someone probably left them there for the deer, and I’m hoping – even with hunting season beginning soon – it was a gift.  Hopefully it’ll be a good year for the deer too.

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