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Go Big and Go Home

Little Green Mess
Little Green Mess

So my collaboration with Jean Glaser helped me get bigger, and for once, going bigger is a good thing.

Her suggestion for a change in grip (unlike so many others who have told me – with some reason – to just get a grip), got me drawing fast and loose and then out to the back yard to look for some scabby green apples to draw and paint along with the fake sunflower and pumpkin which are the only foliage that are safe inside our house.

Little Green Apples II, Watercolor 8×10

And I drew painted…

Little Green Apples Pen & Ink and watercolor wash 5×7

And painted and drew and, Heaven help me, even cleaned up my desk a little – but only in the drawing.

Now I can’t wait to go home and see what else is lying around the house and yard that may have seemed boring a few days ago.


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