And the Winner Is…




Kathy Stiles is the winner of the Thanksgiving giveaway.  Thanks for all the suggestions folks.  I ended up making corn muffins, banana nut, blueberry-apple and chocolate chip.

I’m loading the muffin tins as I stir the bacon and celery for the stuffing in the bird tomorrow.  We’ll take the muffins down to people who are stuck working tomorrow and play Thanksgiving Santa-Turkey (we need to come up with a name for that mascot) and then come home and put our bird in the oven for 5 or 6 hours.

My sister’s family is joining us when the storm in Vermont dies down tomorrow. Usually their family spends holiday mornings at the soup kitchen.  I’m thinking of their example this evening and realizing it’s not about charity or assuaging guilt.   It’s about connecting with our fellow human beings.

If the muffins are any good, we’re going to pick another set of ‘victims’ for Christmas.  We’re thinking the road crew (they don’t get holidays on stormy days.  Or maybe our local sheriff or the volunteer firefighters who are on call.  What do you think?

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