Be Careful what you Beg For


Thing2 was wanted in a big way.  I wanted him (or her if that’s what we got.) The Big Guy wanted him.  And Thing1, daily, begged us for 3 years to give him a little brother.

He never considered what would happen if we gave him a sister, so thankfully our complaint department didn’t have to handle anything unusual the first few years.

The last few years, however, have evolved into a bit of a David and Goliath dynamic, leading us to wonder sometimes if David actually provoked Goliath with a water balloon that got left out of the story.

Thing1 knows he asked for it, so he shouldn’t complain, but being hero-worshipped can be oddly painful.  And annoying.  He knows we can’t return Thing2, so, while he fantasizes about getting his own place (we are happy to lend Thing2 out if you have a kid who is considering living at home as an adult), he’s also keeping in mind an important life lesson about the hazards of begging.

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