Win a Print in the March Common Threads Give-Away

March Give Away

It’s the first Monday of March, so it’s time for the Common Thread Give-a-way.  Last month Maria gave away on of her drawings.

This month, in a nod to the winter that won’t quit, I’m giving away a print of a watercolor and mixed media drawing of nearby Ice Pond Barn.  The print is on 8×10 archival paper in a protective matt.

If you’d like to enter the drawing for ‘Ice Pond Barn’, leave a comment on my blog.  When you’ve left a comment, take a trip over to the other blogs in our group.

I’ll be picking the winner (using and announcing who it is on Friday morning.

67 thoughts on “Win a Print in the March Common Threads Give-Away

  1. Love the watercolor + barn print. There is something about snow prints that call to me. Not sure what it is but we have one on our wall that shows a horse drawn sleigh pulling a soon-to-be Christmas tree in the snow. I especially like to look at that one in the dead of Summer. Put a barn in the picture and it doesn\\\’t get any better. Thanks for offering this print up. PS: I have just gone back and read through a number of your recent posts. Except for the \\\”Fox\\\” postings, I had to laugh out loud on several occasions and quietly to myself on a number of others. Really enjoying your blog! Wish I could write and especially paint like you but alas, it is not meant to be. Guess I will have to stick with quilting ….. I do have a barn quilt in the queue though.

  2. I love your work! I have a passion for barns – they are fast disappearing from our American landscape and I wish Heritage preservation societies would take on saving them!

  3. lovely, reminds me of a study I did years ago( 50 ), just know we will all forget this brazen winter at the sign of the first crocus, but your painting will be a wonderful reminder : ) !

  4. In this frozen winter a red barn is a warm and comforting reminder of home. Beautiful.

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