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I started working with my writing mentor for the past year, author Jon Katz, on a workshop at Hubbard Hall, a local community theater and arts center in Cambridge, NY. We’re working together on a class called ‘The Art of the Blog’, and, hoping to encourage others who might be thinking of getting on their digital soapboxes to do just that, I’ll be posting tech tips on this page as we go.

The workshop is an extension of Jon’s ‘Ministry of Encouragement’, a ministry that had a profound impact on his mentees over the last year, and I hope to pay it forward by helping anyone else who wants in getting their creative on. If you have questions I can answer, feel free to leave a comment on posts or email me directly at If I can help, I will or send you in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “A New Section – Start a Blog

  1. Thank you for your wonderful instructions that were so easy to follow. If you have some time this week I would like to ask some questions and maybe learn to do more with my blog. Yours is wonderful!

  2. Thank you again for your encouragement in class today. I think I feel more lost this week than last! Do you think I should start a different blog or just keep going on the one I have up?

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