My Box of Chocolates


For me, blogging for the last eight months has been an education and at times an exorcism, but it has always been a journey towards becoming a better and, hopefully, working writer.  At first an assignment for a writing workshop offered by author Jon Katz at Hubbard Hall, a community theatre and arts center in Cambridge, NY, the blog has helped each of the workshop members blaze their own trails as we began discovering our voices.  Now many of us are at the crossroads, trying to determine our next steps.

Mine are a play – the culmination of my workshop experience –  and a book (a collection of very short stories).  The second project was conceived as I began making my game plan to make the jump to working writer.  From the moment the idea began to form, however, it has become so much more than a stepping stone.  Each part of the project is yielding its own completely new and unexpected reward as I gain new perspectives on writing and story and as it becomes increasingly evident that a writing life is as much about exploring the world as it is about describing it.  

As a recovering vagabond, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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