Monday Night


I’m redesigning the header on my blog.  I’m a creature of change, and I knew I’d get tired of the current one at some point.  It’s funny, and it’s me, but I’m in a drawing phase right now.  Maybe it’s because they help nurture the illusion of having control over some part of my world.

I’ve settled on an illustrated collage of the family, and Thing2 is my first subject.  He was an easy first choice.

A force of nature, he is inspiration.  He’s Spiderman and Superman and every superhero you’ve never heard of. He’s a whirling dervish of activity, a butterfly.  He jumping from couch to chair and room to room, embracing a new personas with each turn about the house.  And he is joy.

Real life is casting shadows on him now, and they grow longer every day as he becomes more aware of the world.  Still, he stays just out of reach of them.  It is this sprite with his dancing gate and flights of imagination who keeps my pen moving.

The drawings aren’t as accurate as I want them  to be. There will be more drafts. But joy can only be followed with a quick pen, and only unrestrained gestures can capture this boundless energy.  I know enough to  savor them while the shadows are short and before he slows enough to follow with a careful, studied sketch.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night

  1. love your new header and I really enjoy your paintings. I would love to see and actual photograph of you and your family sometime. In the meantime, have a great day !!

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