Sunday in the Trenches

No matter how many promises we make on Monday morning to get started on Friday or even Saturday, every Sunday afternoon is a last minute push up Homework Hill.

This weekend I upped the ante – restricted computer activity until it’s all done and parent-approved (when you’re kid is a budding computer guru, this is more severe than withholding food or even oxygen) – and miraculously there are suddenly hundreds of things to do that don’t require a computer.

Thing1 is acting as a dog whisperer for my sister-in-law’s shy dog who’s visiting.  He’s playing happily with Thing2.  He’s unloaded the dishwasher -unasked.  And Heaven help him, he’s even made his bed this morning.

I figure he’s got about 96 more ways to avoid homework before he surrenders.  I know this because once upon a time I was the one who tried every trick to get out of studying. And, as I prepare to sound the next salvo in the homework war, somewhere my parents are getting a warm feeling on the back of their necks.

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