Picking Sides on Minister Hill


I voted as soon as the polls opened this morning, and even though it was a hot topic at work, it wasn’t nearly as distracting as a potential Nor’Easter or a recent Hurricane or even actual work. But for the last hour after work, as my doctored Hamburger Helper simmered and polls around the North East begin to close and report, I allowed myself to pay way too much attention to the colors on a map that will undoubtedly change throughout the evening.  But as the strains of a ‘Hard Day’s Night’ softly emanated from the mp3 player Thing2 ‘borrowed’ from his brother my eyes turned from the glow of the map to the sight my six year old bundle of happiness (ignorance of the world really is bliss) be-bopping to the Beatles, and I chose sides.

Like anyone else I care what happens tonight, but I finally made the choice to turn off the constant results of an election over which I exerted my only control at 10:00 AM this morning.  I snapped the map, closed that window, and went over to join Thing2 for a jig before I gave him a hug.  He looked up at me happily and not at all curious about my sudden display of affection.  And in my head I thanked him for reminding me which side matters the most on Election Night and any other night.


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