The Sweet Spot

A Side Order

It was just like any other Friday night.  We were planning on a dinner with the kids at our favorite diner – a babysitter wasn’t in the budget -and then a night on the couch in front of the tube.  The only thing that set this Friday apart was the fact that it was our sixteenth anniversary.

We weren’t celebrating another decade or any major milestone, but, in some ways, our run-of-the-mill family night routine made it as special as a gourmet dinner out.  It was mundane, but it was a recognition that we’ve arrived at that sweet spot where we can’t remember a life before we were together or imagine any life in the future without each other (even when we hit the inevitable rough patches).  And it was a reminder that happily ever after isn’t always about champagne and caviar – sometimes it comes with a side order of fries.

4 thoughts on “The Sweet Spot

  1. Great observation. Mrs. G and I have a tendency to go north when others go south and we have done quite well together. Don’t feel as though you have to do what everyone else does. Besides I’ll take fries any day. Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Rachel- Your cartoons are always so appropriately lighthearted and yet, refreshingly to the point. You have a wonderful knack for writing and producing whimsical illustrations. Always enjoy reading your posts. Kindest, Jennie

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