Post Peak

Peaking, Watercolor on canvas, 12x12, $70
Peaking, Watercolor on canvas, 12 x 12, $70

A wet and windy front moved through over the weekend, blowing tons of leaves off the trees. We’re post Peak now,  looking towards stick season, which is usually my favorite, but foliage season this year was especially long and glorious. I got this glimpse of the field near our house just before the front moved in  and wanted to paint it while the glow is still fresh in my mind.





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Watercolor Adoption Event

Not exactly a fire sale (it’s way too warm that), I’m preparing for winter.  A winter show that is. And, as I start working on pieces for that, it’s clear that it’s time for a few pieces to find new homes.

This is a no-kill studio so no artwork is ever put to sleep, but these paintings would be much happier hanging on a wall than living in a drawer. If any items float your boat, shoot me an email at


You're It, 9" x 12", Matted Original, $60
You’re It, 9″ x 12″, Matted Original, $50
Crocuses, 8
Crocuses, 8″x10″, Original Watercolor, Matted, $30 SOLD
Spring Training, 9x12, Original watercolor, Matted, $50
Spring Training, 9×12, Original watercolor, Matted, $50 – SOLD
The Honor Box, 9x12 Watercolor Original, Matted, $50
The Honor Box, 9×12 Watercolor Original, Matted, $60
Leftovers, 9x12 Original Watercolor Matted, $50
Leftovers, 9×12 Original Watercolor Matted, $60
313 West, 9x12 Original Watercolor Matted and ready to frame, $60
313 West, 9×12 Original Watercolor Matted and ready to frame, $60
Michigan, 9x12 Original watercolor, Matted, $60
Michigan, 9×12 Original watercolor, Matted, $60
Storm on Lake Michigan, 9x12 Original Watercolor, Matted, $60
SOLD – Storm on Lake Michigan, 9×12 Original Watercolor, Matted, $60




A Fifteen Year Itch

Fifteen Year Itch cover
Samantha’s marriage in bit of a dry spell. A fifteen year dry spell. An unexpected find in the basement spurs her to end the drought, and in the process she discovers that the first step to victory is picking the right the fight.


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