The Painting is Easy

Storm on the Run, 9 x 12
It took me a long time to get comfortable with painting snow. Once I did, However, I couldn’t stop painting winter. It’s moody and scraggly, and I identify with it. 

It’s taken me a little time to find the Moody side of summer, but the constant rain storms are making the painting easy again.

Love the One You’re With

4 25Art Kit web

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. It’s one of the reasons I abandoned my SLR camera in favour of one-handed point-and-shoots while Thing2 still wanted to hold my hand everywhere we went.  

I’ve found the same holds true for art supplies. I have a drawer full of watercolour supplies, but lately, it’s the $6 purse-sized watercolour tin and purse-sized journal that have been winning the title of ‘best art supplies’.  

Under the Influence

Day is Done, 9×12

 I painted night because it’s the best way to get a block of uninterrupted time, but it’s a double edge sword.

If you’re under the influence of the art bug, walking into your studio was a bit like an alcoholic walking into a bar.  You think, ” i’ll just take a look at last nights stuff quickly.” Then you pick up a brush to fiddle with a spot just didn’t look right and before you know it, the paint is still flowing  at 2am on a work night. 

And even though I’ve learned to hate 7 AM and I don’t have any illusion that I could quit anytime I want, it’s not a problem.